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Question 1: For the first few years of Israel's existence, many of the new laws continued to be rooted in earlier Ottoman and ________.
Parliament of the United KingdomScots lawConstitution of the United KingdomLaw of the United Kingdom

Question 2: This comes in contrast to the standard definition of refugee as defined by ________.
United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUnited Nations Human Settlements ProgrammeUNICEFJoint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

Question 3: ________ (contemporary flight and/or expulsion of Jews from Arab countries)
Jewish exodus from Arab landsReligious antisemitismAntisemitismRacial antisemitism

Question 4: [3] According to ________, the term Nakba was adopted "as an attempt to counter the moral weight of the Jewish Holocaust (Shoa)".
1948 Arab–Israeli WarBenny MorrisIlan Pappé1948 Palestinian exodus

Question 5: The Sons of Eilaboun is a documentary film by Hisham Zreiq that tells the story of the exodus and return a small Palestinian village called Eilaboun in the 1948 ________ (Palestinian Catastrophe in 1948).
HittinBayt Jibrin1948 Palestinian exodus from Lydda and Ramla1948 Palestinian exodus

Question 6: A decision was made on 9 May 1948 to expel or subdue the villages of ________, al-Tira, Qaqun, Qalansuwa and Tantura.
LajjunKafr SabaYazurAz-Zeeb

Question 7: "the cleansing of Palestine remained the prime objective of ________" [66]
1948 Arab–Israeli War1948 Palestinian exodus from Lydda and RamlaDeir Yassin massacrePlan Dalet

Question 8: Key incidents
Deir Yassin massacre
Exodus from Lydda
Battles of Latrun1948 Arab–Israeli WarOperation ShoterBattle of Haifa (1948)

Question 9: Even so, Palestinians fled the city of ________ en masse, in one of the most notable flights of this stage.
JerusalemTel AvivIsraelHaifa

Question 10: [56] Furthermore, two independent studies, which analysed CIA and ________ intercepts of radio broadcasts from the region, concluded that no orders or instructions were given by the Arab Higher Committee.
Norwegian Broadcasting CorporationBBCRaidió Teilifís ÉireannTG4


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