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1948 Arab–Israeli War: Quiz


Question 1: Regarding the original British Mandate (including Jordan, which was included within the Mandate in the summer of 1921 but excluded from the provisions for a ________), Israel was created on 56% of the total area of Palestine and Jordan.
1948 Arab–Israeli WarBalfour Declaration of 1917Arab–Israeli conflictFolke Bernadotte

Question 2: Originally Operation Kedem was to be executed on 8 July, immediately after the first truce, by ________ and Lehi forces.
King David Hotel bombingIrgunZionist political violenceMenachem Begin

Question 3: The ________ are a controversial topic among historians.
Present absenteeMohammad Amin al-HusayniCauses of the 1948 Palestinian exodusNur-eldeen Masalha

Question 4: ________ points out that the Yishuv's aims evolved during the war.
1948 Arab–Israeli WarBenny MorrisPalestineDeir Yassin massacre

Question 5: 10th Armored Brigade aka Harel Brigade (________)
Palmach1948 Arab–Israeli WarIrgunYitzhak Rabin

Question 6: On 24 July 1922, the ________ approved the terms of the British Mandate over Palestine and Transjordan.
United Nations Trusteeship CouncilParis Peace Conference, 1919United Nations DayLeague of Nations

Question 7: On 21 May, the Syrian army was blocked at kibbutz Degania in the north, where local militia reinforced by elements of the Carmeli brigade halted Syrian armored forces with ________ and a single PIAT.
Mosin–NagantMolotov cocktailSuomi KP/-31World War II

Question 8:
How many casualties were there in the 1948 ArabIsraeli War?
13,000, including 4,000 KIA, plus 10,000u201320,000 civilian deaths
7u201315 KIA
6,373 KIA
36 KIA

Question 9:
Who was a commander in the 1948 ArabIsraeli War?
Yitzhak Gershon
Yitzhak Pundak
Yitzhak "Yoav" Dubno
Yitzhak Rabin,

Question 10:
Which of the following was a combatant in the 1948 ArabIsraeli War?


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