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Question 1: This was due to rapid ________ starting in the 1920s.
UrbanizationChicagoUnited StatesNew town

Question 2: Growth and general acceptance of the ________ in America.
RacismAntisemitismNeo-NazismKu Klux Klan

Question 3: President ________ (Republic of China)
George MarshallChiang Ching-kuoJoseph StalinChiang Kai-shek

Question 4: President ________ (Ireland)
Irish Civil WarMichael Collins (Irish leader)Seán LemassÉamon de Valera

Question 5: President ________ (United States)
Calvin CoolidgeGerald FordHerbert HooverWilliam Claflin

Question 6: The Fascist regime establishes a ________ state led by Mussolini as a dictator.
Fascism and ideologyTotalitarianismNazismFascism

Question 7: Reza Shah Pahlavi of ________ (Iran)
IlkhanateKara KoyunluPahlavi dynastyQajar dynasty

Question 8: ________ (French tennis player )
Margaret CourtHelen Wills MoodySuzanne LenglenDoris Hart

Question 9: ________ (American baseball player)
2008 National League Division Series2007 National League Division SeriesJim BunningGrover Cleveland Alexander

Question 10: ________ becomes the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean (May 20–21, 1927), non-stop from New York to Paris, France.
Harry S. TrumanDwight D. EisenhowerCharles LindberghFranklin D. Roosevelt

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