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1920 Palestine riots: Quiz


Question 1: Nine days later, Arab Palestinians in ________ held a general congress calling for the unification of the territory with Syria, while Muslims and Christians held peaceful public protest rallies throughout Palestine.

Question 2: One inciter was Hajj ________; his uncle, the mayor, spoke from the municipal building's balcony.
Palestinian peopleMohammad Amin al-HusayniPalestinian nationalism1948 Palestinian exodus

Question 3: At Jabotinsky's house, they found three ________, two pistols, and 250 rounds of ammunition.
Magazine (firearms)FirearmRifleService rifle

Question 4: Arab educator and essayist ________ described how tribes and caravans would come with banners and weapons.
Tawfiq CanaanPalestinian peopleMohammad Amin al-HusayniKhalil al-Sakakini

Question 5: His trial and sentencing created an uproar, and were protested by ________ press including The Times and questioned in the British Parliament.

Question 6: One of the volunteers was Nehemia Rabin (Rubitzov), the future father of ________.
Menachem BeginAriel SharonShimon PeresYitzhak Rabin

Question 7: Although this request was declined, Ze'ev Jabotinsky, together with ________, led an effort to openly train Jewish volunteers in self-defense, an effort which the Zionist Commission kept the British informed of.
Pinhas RutenbergVladimir LeninRussian Revolution (1917)Bolshevik

Question 8: The 1920 Palestine riots, or Nabi Musa riots, took place in ________ April 4–7, 1920 in and around the Old City of Jerusalem.
British EmpireBritish Mandate of PalestineJordanGibraltar

Question 9: Storrs confiscated his ________ and demanded to know the location of his other weapons, mentioning that Jabotinsky should be arrested for possessing a firearm.
RevolverBrowning Hi-PowerHandgunSemi-automatic pistol

Question 10: They had confused his politics with that of the Socialist-aligned ________ ('Zionist Workers') party, which it called 'a definite Bolshevist institution.' The document was never published.
Labor ZionismPoale ZionDavid Ben-GurionJewish left

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