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Question 1:

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did 1908 Summer Olympics have?
Summer Olympic Games
Polish Olympic Committee
President of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee
Guam National Olympic Committee

Question 3:
What was the size of the 1908 Summer Olympics?
19.4 x 15
Five Squadrons
106,678 active personnel

Question 4: There were four ________ events, although held months after other events.
ISU Judging SystemFigure skating competitionFigure skatingInternational figure skating

Question 5: Since Finland was part of the ________, the Finnish team were expected to march under the Russian rather than Finnish flag, so many chose to march without a flag at all.
Golden HordeBritish EmpireRussian EmpireOttoman Empire

Question 6: Italian authorities were preparing to hold the games when ________ erupted on April 7, 1906, devastating Naples.
Mount EtnaMount RainierMount VesuviusVolcano

Question 7: The ________ flag had also not been displayed above the stadium before the opening, which is possibly the reason why the United States' flag bearer refused to dip the flag to the royal box.
PhilippinesAlaskaUnited StatesCanada

Question 8: However, the Athens Games of 1906 have since been downgraded by the ________ and the 1908 Games are seen as the start of the Fourth Olympiad, in keeping with the now-accepted four-year cycle.
Bids for Olympic GamesInternational Olympic CommitteeOlympic CharterOlympic Games

Question 9: ________. Retrieved 2008-05-08.
Bids for Olympic GamesOlympic GamesInternational Olympic CommitteeOlympic Charter

Question 10: At the time, tug-of-war was part of athletics and the two different ________ codes (association and rugby (union)) were listed together.
FootballAustralian rules footballMedieval footballAssociation football


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