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1908 Messina earthquake: Quiz


Question 1: The Messina earthquake and tsunami took some 100,000–200,000 lives on December 28, 1908 in Sicily and ________, southern Italy.

Question 2: Moments after the earthquake, a 40 feet (12 m) ________ struck nearby coasts causing even more devastation.
SeicheTsunamiPhysical oceanographyMegatsunami

Question 3: ________ on the Italian mainland also suffered heavy damage.
AfricoOppido MamertinaReggio CalabriaLocri

Question 4:
1908 Messina earthquake, Messina and Strait of Messina are all:
1908 in Italy 1908 earthquakes Calabria Messina

Question 5: With the help of the ________ and sailors of the Russian and British fleets, search and cleanup were expedited.
American Red CrossMagen David AdomAustrian Red CrossInternational Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

Question 6:
1908 Messina earthquake, Calabria and 'Ndrangheta are all:
Messina Calabria 1908 earthquakes 1908 in Italy

Question 7: On December 28, 1908 at 5:21 am an earthquake of ________ 7.5 occurred centered on Messina, a city in Sicily.
Moment magnitude scaleSurface wave magnitude2004 Indian Ocean earthquakeRichter magnitude scale

Question 8:
1908 Messina earthquake, Allied invasion of Sicily and Kingdom of the Two Sicilies are all:
Messina History of Sicily 1908 in Italy Calabria


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