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Question 1: August 19S Andromedae, the only supernova seen in the ________ so far by astronomers, and the first ever noted outside the Milky Way, is discovered.
Andromeda GalaxySombrero GalaxyTriangulum GalaxyMessier 81

Question 2: ________Nicolas Avellaneda, Argentine president (b.
November 24November 23March 4January 1

Question 3: ________E. L. Grant Watson, writer, anthropologist, and biologist (d.
July 20March 4June 14January 1

Question 4: February 26 – The final act of the Berlin Conference regulates European colonization and trade in ________.
Scramble for AfricaAfrican UnionSub-Saharan AfricaAfrica

Question 5: July 23Ulysses S. Grant, ________ general and the 18th President of the United States (b.
American Civil WarUnion (American Civil War)Bleeding KansasTennessee

Question 6: August________, religious leader (b.
Aga Khan IVShia IslamIsmailismAga Khan II

Question 7: ________Muhammad Ahmad, Mahdi (b.
June 22January 1July 20March 4

Question 8: November 16________, Canadian leader (hanged for treason) (b.
Red River RebellionFirst NationsNorth-West RebellionLouis Riel

Question 9: ________Queen Emma of Hawaii (b.
July 20April 25January 1March 4

Question 10: The first genuine safety ________, the Rover, is built by John K Starley, the nephew of James Starley of Coventry Company.
Bicycle trailerBicycleRecumbent bicycleUnicycle


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