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Question 1: 1867–________Chinese, Scandinavian and Irish immigrants lay 30,000 miles (48,000 km) of railroad tracks in the USA.
19671970March 41873

Question 2: November 23 – The so-called Manchester Martyrs are hanged in Manchester, ________ for the murder of a policeman whilst attempting to rescue two Irish men from jail.
WalesUnited KingdomEnglandScotland

Question 3: November 7________, Polish-born scientist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and physics (d.
J. J. ThomsonWilhelm RöntgenMarie CuriePierre Curie

Question 4: ________Charles Dillon Perrine, American-born astronomer (d.
January 1July 20July 28March 4

Question 5: The treaty requires Native American Plains tribes to relocate to a reservation in western ________.

Question 6: ________Benito Juárez becomes Mexican president again.
March 4January 15January 22January 11

Question 7: February 3Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu abdicates, and the late Emperor Kōmei's son, Prince Mutsuhito becomes ________ of Japan, ending the Late Tokugawa shogunate.
Emperor MeijiEmperor TaishōHirohitoAkihito

Question 8: ________Sakamoto Ryōma, Japanese samurai, politician, and businessman (b.
January 1December 25March 4December 10

Question 9: ________West Virginia University is established in Morgantown, West Virginia.
February 7January 1March 4February 20

Question 10: January 31Maronite nationalist leader Karam leaves Lebanon aboard a French ship for ________.


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