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1810s: Quiz


Question 1: The Third Anglo Maratha War is fought between the Marathas and the ________ troops in the year 1818 resulting in the defeat of the Peshwa and annihilation of the Maratha confederacy and British annexation of Central India.
Dutch East India CompanyFrench East India CompanyChartered companyEast India Company

Question 2: End of the Napoleonic Wars in ________ (1803–1815).
Eastern EuropeEuropeWestern EuropeBalkans

Question 3: King George III (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland), with his son as regent (see ________).
Georgian eraRobert Stewart, Viscount CastlereaghBritish RegencyMary Shelley

Question 4: King ________ (Prussia)
Frederick William II of PrussiaFrederick William I of PrussiaFrederick William IV of PrussiaFrederick William III of Prussia

Question 5: President ________ (United States)
John C. CalhounJames MonroeJames BarbourThomas Jefferson

Question 6: President ________ (United States)
Alexander HamiltonThomas JeffersonJames MonroeJames Madison

Question 7: King Louis XVIII (Restoration ________)
ItalyFranceCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 8: The Era of Good Feelings (18161823/________) in the U.S.
190019201824January 22

Question 9: ________ (Peshwa of the Marathas) 1795–1818
Nana SahibFirst Anglo-Maratha WarDaulat ScindiaBaji Rao II

Question 10: King ________ (Sweden)
Oscar II of SwedenOscar I of SwedenCharles XIV John of SwedenCharles XV of Sweden


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