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1710s: Quiz


Question 1: Queen ________ (17021714).
George I of Great BritainMary II of EnglandAnne of Great BritainJames II of England

Question 2: ________, king in Prussia
Frederick William III of PrussiaFrederick William II of PrussiaFrederick William I of PrussiaFrederick I of Prussia

Question 3: King ________ (17141727).
Anne of Great BritainGeorge I of Great BritainGeorge III of the United KingdomGeorge II of Great Britain

Question 4: Tsar ________ (16821725).
Peter I of RussiaAlexis of RussiaNicholas II of RussiaCatherine II of Russia

Question 5: Philippe II of Orléans, Regent of ________ (17151723).
United KingdomCanadaItalyFrance

Question 6: ________ (17051711).
Charles VI, Holy Roman EmperorJoseph I, Holy Roman EmperorFerdinand II, Holy Roman EmperorFerdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 7: King ________ (17151774).
Louis XVI of FranceLouis XIV of FranceLouis XV of FranceLouis XVIII of France

Question 8: Queen ________ (17191720).
Charles XII of SwedenUlrika Eleonora of SwedenChristina of SwedenCharles XI of Sweden

Question 9: King Philip V of Spain (________1746).
161619181700January 1

Question 10: King ________ (16971718).
Adolf Frederick of SwedenCharles XII of SwedenCharles XI of SwedenGustav III of Sweden


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