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1699: Quiz


Question 1: ________ – 350 rebellious Streltsi are executed in Moscow.
January 1February 4March 4February 14

Question 2: ________Thomas Savery demonstrates his first steam engine to the Royal Society.
July 20March 4January 1June 14

Question 3: ________Treaty of Preobrasjensku: Denmark/Russia/Saksen/Poland divide Sweden.
March 4July 20January 1November 22

Question 4: ________Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, French painter (d.
November 2January 1March 4November 18

Question 5: May 1Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville founds the first European settlement in the Mississippi River Valley, at ________ (Ocean Springs, Mississippi).
LouisianaJean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de BienvilleBiloxi, MississippiFort Maurepas

Question 6: The Republic of Venice, Poland and Austria sign a peace treaty with the ________.
TurkeyOttoman EmpireIstanbulTurkish people

Question 7: ________Hans Erasmus Aßmann, Freiherr von Abschatz, German statesman and poet (b.
March 4April 22May 1January 1

Question 8: ________Lucas Achtschellinck, Flemish painter (b.
May 2March 4May 12January 1

Question 9: March 23________, American botanist (d.
William BartramPeter Collinson (botanist)Carl LinnaeusJohn Bartram

Question 10: ________ – England, France and the Netherlands agree on the Treaty of London (also known as the Second Partition Treaty of Spain).
March 4June 11January 1July 20


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