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1695: Quiz


Question 1: ________Henry Wharton, English writer (b.
March 4March 18March 5January 1

Question 2: ________Ahmed II of Turkey (b.
February 6January 1March 4February 12

Question 3: ________Zumbi, Brazilian leader of a runaway slave colony (b.
November 20July 20March 4January 1

Question 4: ________Barthélemy d'Herbelot de Molainville, French orientalist (b.
December 8March 4December 25January 1

Question 5: ________Mustafa II (1695–1703) succeeds Ahmed II as Ottoman Emperor.
March 4January 1January 17January 27

Question 6: ________Johannes Camphuys, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies (b.
March 4January 1July 20July 18

Question 7: After many years of construction, the ________ is completed.
Potala Palace14th Dalai LamaTibetan BuddhismDalai Lama

Question 8: ________François-Henri de Montmorency, duc de Luxembourg, Marshal of France (b.
January 8March 4January 1January 4

Question 9: ________John Glas, Scottish minister (d.
October 5January 1March 4March 3

Question 10: date unknownJames Figg, first English bare-knuckle ________ champion (d.
World Boxing CouncilBoxingMartial artsKickboxing


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