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1654: Quiz


Question 1: ________Ole Worm, Danish physician and antiquary (b.
March 4January 1August 31October 9

Question 2: Year 1654 (MDCLIV) was a common year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the ________ (or a common year starting on Sunday of the 10-day slower Julian calendar).
Gregorian calendarByzantine calendarIslamic calendarTime

Question 3: ________Andreas Acoluthus, German orientalist (d.
March 4March 16January 1July 20

Question 4: ________Samuel Scheidt, German composer (b.
January 1March 18March 4March 24

Question 5: ________Emperor Kangxi of China (d.
May 4January 1July 20March 4

Question 6: July 9________ (d.
Emperor Go-KōmyōEmperor ReigenEmperor HigashiyamaEmperor Go-Sai

Question 7: The ________ devastates the city in the Netherlands, killing more than 100.
LeidenDelftThe HagueRotterdam

Question 8: ________Joshua Barnes, English scholar (d.
January 10January 8March 4January 22

Question 9: ________Paulus Potter, Dutch painter (b.
March 4January 22January 6January 17

Question 10: His absolutist style of leadership becomes a benchmark for the rest of ________.


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