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1640s: Quiz


Question 1: King ________ (1588–1648).
Frederick II of DenmarkFrederick III of DenmarkChristian III of DenmarkChristian IV of Denmark

Question 2: Evangelista Torricelli constructed the first mercury ________ (1643/ 1644).
BarometerWeather forecastingThermometerWeather radar

Question 3: King ________ (1610–1643).
Henry IV of FranceLouis XIII of FranceLouis XIV of FranceHouse of Bourbon

Question 4: The Thirty Years' War (1618–1648) between the various ________ and Protestant forces of Europe.
BishopEcumenical councilCatholicCatholicism

Question 5: Padshah Shah Jahan of the ________
Mughal EmpirePala EmpireTimurid dynastyMongol Empire

Question 6: The captive King was tried (January 19 – January 27, 1649) and then executed by ________ (January 30, 1649).
HangingCapital punishmentTortureDecapitation

Question 7: ________, chief minister of France (1642–1661).
Cardinal MazarinCardinal RichelieuÉtienne François, duc de ChoiseulAndré-Hercule de Fleury

Question 8: ________ (1637–1657).
Ferdinand II, Holy Roman EmperorJoseph I, Holy Roman EmperorFerdinand III, Holy Roman EmperorCharles VI, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 9: William II, Prince of Orange, Stadtholder of ________, Zeeland, Utrecht, Overijssel and Guelders (1647–1650).
NetherlandsAmsterdamHollandEighty Years' War

Question 10: ________, chief minister of France (1624–1642).
Armand Marc, comte de MontmorinÉtienne François, duc de ChoiseulCardinal RichelieuFrançois Guizot


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