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1630: Quiz


Question 1: Shivaji Maharaj – Founder of ________
HarshaPala EmpireMaratha EmpireGupta Empire

Question 2: He is sentenced by ________ William Laud's High Commission Court to public whipping, branding, and having his ears cut off.
Bishop (Catholic Church)Pope John Paul IICatholic Church hierarchyArchbishop

Question 3: ________Ambrogio Spinola, marqués de los Balbases, Italian general (b.
September 25March 4January 1September 22

Question 4: ________Claudio Saracini, Italian composer (b.
January 1September 20March 4September 22

Question 5: November 15________, German astronomer (b.
Scientific revolutionGalileo GalileiJohannes KeplerIsaac Newton

Question 6: June 6Swedish warships depart from Stockholm to ________.

Question 7: ________November 11Day of Dupes: Marie de' Medici unsuccessfully attempts to oust Richelieu.
January 1March 4November 10July 20

Question 8: ________ – Great Migration: The ship Arbella and three other ships leave Southampton, England with 400 passengers headed for the Massachusetts Bay Colony in America.
March 4March 16January 1March 29

Question 9: ________William Brade, English composer (b.
March 4January 15February 26January 1

Question 10: ________Étienne Baluze, French scholar (d.
March 4November 24January 1November 23


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