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1616: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Sassari is founded.

Question 2: After the ________, he is the 2nd richest nobleman in England.
Edward II of EnglandEdward I of EnglandEarl of PembrokeHenry III of England

Question 3: Jesuit astronomer ________ becomes the advisor to Archduke Maximilian, brother of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II in Vienna.
Johannes KeplerHeliocentrismChristoph ScheinerGalileo Galilei

Question 4: November 5 – Bishop Lancelot Andrewes preaches the annual Gunpowder Treason sermon before King ________ at Whitehall (both were intended victims).
Charles I of EnglandCharles II of EnglandJames II of EnglandJames I of England

Question 5: ________Dirk Hartog makes the second recorded landfall by a European on Australian soil, at Dirk Hartog Island off the Western Australian coast.
January 1October 9March 4October 25

Question 6: Physician Aleixo de Abreu is granted a pension of 16,000 reis for services to the crown in ________ and Brazil by Philip III of Spain, who also appoints him physician of his chamber.
Cape VerdeMozambiqueAngolaGuinea-Bissau

Question 7: January 15 – After overwintering with the Huron Indians, Samuel de Champlain and Recollect Father Joseph Le Caron visit the Petun and Ottawa Indians of the ________.
Arctic OceanOntarioJames BayGreat Lakes

Question 8: ________ – First recorded eruption of Mayon Volcano, the Philippines' most active volcano.
February 19February 12January 1March 4

Question 9: November 23________, English mathematician (d.
James Joseph SylvesterJohn WallisHenry Briggs (mathematician)Michael Atiyah

Question 10: ________John Pitts, Catholic scholar and writer (b.
October 9October 17January 1March 4

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