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1501: Quiz


Question 1: ________Leonhart Fuchs, German physician and botanist (d.
January 22January 17January 6March 4

Question 2: Amerigo Vespucci maps the two stars ________ and Beta Centauri, as well as the stars of the constellation Crux, which were below the horizon in Europe.
Pi CentauriAlpha CentauriTheta CentauriGamma Centauri

Question 3: ________ – Shaun Drennan, Irish plantation warrior, God among men
January 1April 16March 4July 20

Question 4: January 17________ returns triumphantly to Rome from Romagna.
Cesare BorgiaPope Alexander VILucrezia BorgiaCaterina Sforza

Question 5: ________, second wife of Henry VIII (d.
Catherine HowardCatherine ParrAnne BoleynElizabeth Woodville

Question 6: January 3________, Central Asian poet (b.
AfghanistanAli-Shir Nava'iTimurid dynastyBabur

Question 7: ________Giovanni Battista Zeno, cardinal
July 20May 7January 1March 4

Question 8: Michelangelo returns to his native ________ to begin work on the statue David.

Question 9: ________ – Explorer Pedro Cabral arrives in Lisbon.
January 1July 15March 4July 20

Question 10: November 14________, marries the Spanish princess, Catherine of Aragon.
Arthur, Prince of WalesHenry VII of EnglandHenry VIII of EnglandEdward VI of England

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