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14 regions of Augustan Rome: Quiz


Question 1: It took its name from the sanctuary of Isis, in the area of the modern Labicana street, containing the valley which was to be the future site of the ________, and parts of the Oppian and Esquiline hills.
ColosseumRomeSt. Peter's BasilicaBasilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

Question 2: It had the high ground where nowadays is the church of San Saba, plus its ramifications towards the ________, where Caracalla's baths were.
Via TraianaVia FlaminiaVia LatinaAppian Way

Question 3: Beginning from this to the south of the Caelian Hill, it runs to the future track of the ________.
Servian WallRoman ForumRomeAurelian Walls

Question 4: It took its name from the gate through the Servian Walls which the ________ takes to get into the city.
Via FlaminiaVia LatinaAppian WayVia Traiana

Question 5: This is the central region, containing the ________, the valley between the Palatine and the Capitoline hills (where the Forum Romanum is located), and the area between Velian Hill and the Palatine up to the Arch of Titus and the Temple of Venus and Roma.
Capitoline HillRomeQuirinal HillPalazzo Farnese, Rome

Question 6: The name derives from the street passing over the ________.
St. Peter's BasilicaQuirinal HillPantheon, RomeRome

Question 7: This region contained Tiber Island and all the parts of ________ west beyond the Tiber.

Question 8: ________ in 7 BC administratively divided Rome into 14 regions (Latin, regiones).
TiberiusAugustusDomitianRoman Emperor

Question 9: It took its name from the temple built in the region by ________.

Question 10: The name was derived from the via Flaminia which runs between the Servian walls and the future ________.
St. Peter's BasilicaRomeAurelian WallsRoman Forum


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