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Question 1: ________João Anes, Archbishop of Lisbon
May 3March 4January 1January 11

Question 2: ________Jianwen Emperor of China (b.
July 13January 1March 4July 20

Question 3: After the Christian ________, who are ruling Smyrna, refuse to convert to Islam or pay tribute, Timur has the entire population massacred.
MaltaCrusadesKnights HospitallerItaly

Question 4: Emperor Jianwen is either lost or killed and ________ is crowned as Emperor Hongwu.
Ming DynastyYongle EmperorHongwu EmperorHongxi Emperor

Question 5: Conchobar an Abaidh mac Maelsechlainn O Cellaigh succeeds Maelsechlainn mac William Buidhe O Cellaigh as King of Hy-Many in present day ________ and County Roscommon in Ireland.
County MayoCounty KilkennyCounty GalwayCounty Wexford

Question 6: The Kangnido map of the world is completed in ________ Korea.
Korean EmpireSouth KoreaJoseon DynastyKorea under Japanese rule

Question 7: King Jogaila of the PolandLithuania union answers the rumblings against his rule of Poland by marrying Anna of Celje, a granddaughter of ________.
Casimir III the GreatJohn III SobieskiJadwiga of PolandWładysław I the Elbow-high

Question 8: The White Sheep Turkmen Empire, in present-day northern Iraq and ________, moves its capital from Amida to Diyarbakır.
Iran–Iraq WarPakistanAzerbaijanIran

Question 9: ________Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York, son of King Edward III of England (b.
August 1March 4January 1July 20

Question 10:


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