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1213: Quiz


Question 1: September 12 – Battle of Muret: The Toulousain and Aragonese forces of Raymond VI of Toulouse and Peter II of Aragon are defeated by the ________ under Simon de Montfort.
CrusadesAlbigensian CrusadeFifth CrusadeCatharism

Question 2: Pope Innocent III issues a charter, calling for the ________ to recapture Jerusalem.
CrusadesSixth CrusadeSecond CrusadeFifth Crusade

Question 3: Jin China is overrun by the Mongols under Genghis Khan, who plunder the countryside and cities, until only ________ remains free, despite two bloody palace coups and a lengthy siege.

Question 4: January 12 – Queen ________ (b.
Tamar of GeorgiaGeorgia (country)TbilisiBagrationi dynasty

Question 5: May 15 – King ________ submits to Pope Innocent III, who in turn lifts the interdict of 1208.
Henry III of EnglandJohn of EnglandRichard I of EnglandHenry II of England


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