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12-hour clock: Quiz


Question 1: However, as discussed elsewhere in the same reference, the Sun is highest at 12 noon local ________, not 12 noon civil time, the difference being given by the equation of time [9] plus the effect of time zones.
Sidereal timeSolar timeLongitudeSundial

Question 2: The 12-hour clock is used in speech alongside the ________ in:
Radio clockTime zoneISO 860124-hour clock

Question 3: Some other countries such as the ________ usually pronounce time in 12-hour notation, even when reading a 24-hour display.
CanadaWalesEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 4: Although it has largely been replaced today by the ________ around the world, especially in written communication, the 12-hour notation with a.m. and p.m. suffixes is common in some parts of the world.
12-hour clock24-hour clockRadio clockISO 8601

Question 5: It corresponds to ________, most of which display only 12 hours.
Marine chronometerTimeWater clockClock

Question 6: In ________ these dials generally used the 12-hour numbering scheme in Roman numerals, but showed both a.m. and p.m. periods in sequence.
Northern EuropeEastern EuropeWestern EuropeCentral Europe

Question 7: The ________ does not match the chronological order.
String (computer science)Lexicographical orderPartially ordered setTotal order

Question 8: The disadvantages commonly voiced in comparing the 12-hour notation to the ________ are:
Radio clock12-hour clockISO 860124-hour clock

Question 9: People who grew up with the ________ see the 12-hour notation as a less practical and outdated convention, especially in the context of written communication, computers and digital clocks.
24-hour clock12-hour clockRadio clockISO 8601

Question 10: In reference to a ________ a.m is between 00:00-12:00 and p.m is between 12:00-24:00.
12-hour clockISO 860124-hour clockRadio clock

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