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Question 1: In the 11th century, there were early Scholastic figures such as ________, Peter Abelard, Solomon ibn Gabirol, Peter Lombard, and Gilbert de la Porrée.
Blaise PascalAnselm of CanterburyAugustine of HippoThomas Aquinas

Question 2: Jingzong Emperor, ruler of Northwest China (________)
Han DynastyYuan DynastyLiao DynastyWestern Xia

Question 3: 10281087Abū Ishāq Ibrāhīm al-Zarqālī (Arzachel) invents the equatorium and universal latitude-independent ________.
Abu Rayhan BiruniAlhazenMuhammad ibn Mūsā al-KhwārizmīAstrolabe

Question 4: 1099: the ________ by European Crusaders.
Siege of Jerusalem (1099)Siege of Jerusalem (1187)Timeline of JerusalemHistory of Jerusalem

Question 5: Solomon ibn Gabirol, Jewish philosopher and poet from Spanish ________
Islamic Golden AgeAl-AndalusHispaniaIslamic contributions to Medieval Europe

Question 6: 1020s: The Canon of Medicine, a medical encyclopedia, is written by ________, Persian Muslim scholar.

Question 7: 1093: Vikramaditya VI, ruler of the Western Chalukya Empire, defeats the army of ________ in the Battle of Vengi.
Rajendra Chola ILater CholasChola DynastyKulothunga Chola I

Question 8: 1013 – One of the Four Great Books of Song, the Prime Tortoise of the Record Bureau compiled by 1013 was the largest of the Song Chinese ________.
EncyclopediaDictionaryEncyclopædia BritannicaNatural History (Pliny)

Question 9: In Europe, the introduction of the horizontal ________ operated by foot-treadles makes weaving faster and more efficient.
Power loomLancashire LoomCharvet (fabric)Loom

Question 10: It is now kept at Musée du Louvre, ________.
MarseilleParisVersaillesÉvry, Essonne

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