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1080p: Quiz


Question 1: All ________ and now defunct HD DVD are able to hold 1080p HD content such as movies.
China Blue High-definition DiscBlu-ray DiscOptical disc authoringVersatile Multilayer Disc

Question 2: Most movies released on ________ and HD DVD can produce a full 1080p High Definition picture when the player is connected to a 1080p HDTV with an HDMI cable.
Blu-ray DiscOptical disc authoringVersatile Multilayer DiscChina Blue High-definition Disc

Question 3: In 2006, Sanyo-________ announced a 7.1" LCD with 1920×1080 resolution and over 300 DPI.
Seiko EpsonSharp CorporationSeikoFujifilm

Question 4: Current generation video game consoles such as Sony's PlayStation 3 and ________'s Xbox 360 are able to display games and video content in 1080p.
MicrosoftMicrosoft WindowsInternet ExplorerMicrosoft Office

Question 5: 1080p24 has become an established production standard for ________ and there is plenty of equipment capable of capturing and processing 1080p24 signals.
Digital photographyIndependent filmDigital cinematographyCamcorder

Question 6: Sony provides both the PlayStation Store VOD service[13] and ________ playback[14].
Blu-ray DiscOptical disc authoringHD DVDDVD

Question 7: The term usually assumes a ________ aspect ratio of 16:9, implying a horizontal resolution of 1920 pixels.
PanavisionAnamorphic widescreen35 mm filmWidescreen

Question 8: Another example of 1080p content is the MacBreak 1080p podcast created by ________ and Alex Lindsay.
Leo LaporteAmber MacArthurThe Tech (network)

Question 9: A 1080p picture, with a resolution similar to that of 2K ________ technology, is sometimes referred to in marketing materials as "Complete High-Definition".
Movie theater3-D filmDigital cinemaIMAX

Question 10: Some modern widescreen liquid crystal display (LCD) and most ________ and widescreen cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors can natively display 1080p content.


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