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0s BC: Quiz


Question 1: Note that there is no year zero (0) in either the proleptic Gregorian calendar or ________.
Julian calendarChronologyIslamic calendarAstronomical year numbering

Question 2: ________, Roman Emperor (27 BC – AD 14)

Question 3: 6 – 4 BC ________ is born.
Ministry of JesusMary (mother of Jesus)Chronology of JesusJesus

Question 4: 8 BC- Koblenz (then known as "Ad Confluentes") in modern-day ________ founded (originally as a Roman military post).

Question 5: 9 BC- ________ incorporated in the Roman Empire as part of Illyria.
PannoniaRoman BritainUpper PannoniaDacia (Roman province)

Question 6: Date Unknown- Jesus, Jewish teacher and central figure of ________ (6 BC?
EcumenismChristianityBaptistChristian denomination

Question 7: 2 BC- Jullus Antonius, ________
Roman EmperorRoman consulAncient RomeRoman Kingdom

Question 8: 9 BC- ________ continues the conquest of Germany.

Question 9: Ping Di, Emperor of ________ China, r.
Tang DynastyHan DynastySong DynastyMing Dynasty

Question 10: 9 BC- The ________ (Altar of Peace) was dedicated.
Roman ForumRomeComitiumAra Pacis

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