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Question 1: Name resolution issues may arise if Bonjour, Avahi, or other ________ software is used in conjunction with a network that implements the local toplevel DNS domain.
IPv6Domain Name SystemEthernetZero configuration networking

Question 2: local is a pseudo-top-level domain used in multicast domain name service (mDNS) of ________ discovery protocols.
Domain Name SystemZero configuration networkingEthernetIPv6

Question 3: It is also often used by administrators of Microsoft Windows ________ environments as a top-level Domain Name System (DNS) domain for an internal organizational network that is not intended to be reachable directly from the public Internet.
Active DirectoryInternet ExplorerInternet Information ServicesDirectX

Question 4: If a computer running ________ is not assigned a domain name by the DNS server, it will identify itself as hostname.local.
QuickTimeMac OS X ServerMac OS XSafari (web browser)

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