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Question 1: This created the possibility of a biz domain pointing to different ________ depending on the specific DNS configuration of a client computer.
IPv6Classless Inter-Domain RoutingIP addressIPv4

Question 2:

Question 3:
What is .biz's current status?

Question 4: The biz TLD was created to relieve some of the demand for domain names in the ________ top-level domain, and to provide an alternative for businesses whose preferred domain name in com had already been registered by another party.

Question 5: biz is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) in the ________ of the Internet.
Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolHypertext Transfer ProtocolDomain Name SystemDomain Name System Security Extensions

Question 6: For this reason, the domain's registry, NeuStar, requires that a DNS server be officially registered with them on their list of approved DNS servers before a domain registrar may register it in the ________ database.
Domain nameWHOISInternationalized domain

Question 7: Before ICANN approved of the biz top-level domain in the official DNS root, similar domains of the same name were already in use by ________.
Alternative DNS rootDomain Name System.bizName server

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