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.45 ACP: Quiz


Question 1:
How long is .45 ACP?

Question 2: [10] The cartridge also has relatively low muzzle blast and flash, as well as moderate ________.

Question 3: 1899/1900: Self-loading pistols test: ________ of .38 caliber entered
.380 ACPColt Model 1903 Pocket HammerlessColt M1900.38 ACP

Question 4:
What type is thing is .45 ACP?
Lever action pistol
Semi automatic pistol
Automatic Pistol

Question 5:
In which of these wars was the .45 ACP used?
World War I, Rif War (1920), World War II.
World War I u2013 present
World War I, Spanish Civil War, World War II
War in Afghanistan (2001-present)Iraq War-present

Question 6: DWM, which submitted two ________ adapted to the .45 ACP cartridge, withdrew from testing after the first round of tests, for unspecified reasons.
Mauser C96Luger P08 pistolMP 18Dreyse M1907

Question 7: BPW – ballistic pressure wave associated with remote wounding effects known as ________.
.357 MagnumStopping powerHydrostatic shock.38 Special

Question 8: Modern versions of .45 ACP handguns have magazines capable of holding as many as 14 cartridges, such as the ________ or Glock model 21.
Springfield Armory XDCZ 75M1911 pistolSemi-automatic pistol

Question 9: The .45 ________ had largely been replaced, even by some double action versions of the same.
Colt's Manufacturing Company.357 MagnumColt Single Action ArmySmith & Wesson

Question 10: The result is one of the world's most effective combat pistol cartridges, one that combines very good accuracy and ________ for use against human targets.
FirearmStopping power.45 ACPBullet

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