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Question 1:
How long is .303 British?

Question 2:
What type is thing is .303 British?

Question 3: Similar ________ bullets were used in the Mark 4 and 5 rounds, the primary production versions.
Ballistic gelatin.303 BritishHollow-point bulletBlack Talon

Question 4: The Mark 7 (and later Mark 8) rounds have versions utilizing ________ propellants.
NitroglycerinSmokeless powderNitrocelluloseCordite

Question 5: H.E.: a Copper jacket with a ________ and lead core.
VasodilationMolsidomineGlyceryl trinitrate (pharmacology)Pentaerythritol tetranitrate

Question 6: However, when combined with the ________ propellant used in Mk 8 cartridges, which burns at a much higher temperature than nitrocellulose, there is increased barrel erosion.
Smokeless powderGunpowderNitroglycerinCordite

Question 7: [11] Cross-sectional images of Mk 8 ammunition indicate that its boat-tail bullet was long and gently tapered, providing a very high ________.
.408 Chey TacBallistic coefficientExternal ballistics.338 Lapua Magnum

Question 8: There is no problem with using ammunition loaded with corrosive primers, providing that the gun is thoroughly cleaned after use to remove the ________ salt deposits.
Potassium nitratePotassium hydroxidePotassium chloridePotassium permanganate

Question 9: This shifted the ________ of the bullet towards the rear, making it tail heavy.
Center of massCar handlingTireVehicle dynamics

Question 10: ________ (overview of cartridges)
12 mm caliber6 mm caliber7 mm caliber8 mm caliber

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