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Question 1: ________: a name used by one group of people for another group, but who call themselves by a different name, such as "Germans" for "Deutsche"; a place name used by one group that differs from the name used by the people who live there, such as "Cologne" for "Köln"
BrusselsExonym and endonymPragueBelgrade

Question 2: The English suffix -onym is from the Ancient Greek suffix -ώνυμον (-ōnymon), neuter of -ώνυμος (-ōnymos), having a specified kind of name, from the Greek ὄνομα (ónoma), ________ ὄνυμα (ónyma), "name".
Attic GreekAncient Greek dialectsAeolic GreekDoric Greek

Question 3: For example, an ________ is a word formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term (as radar).
United StatesEnglish languageAbbreviationAcronym and initialism

Question 4: Taxonyms include binomens, names of ________ or taxons, demonyms, ethnonyms, and eponyms.
Computational phylogeneticsGhost lineageCladePhylogenetics

Question 5: antonym: a word with the exact opposite meaning of another word; an ________: often shown in opposite word pairs such as "high" and "low" (compare with "synonym")
New TestamentRhetoricAntithesisDialectic

Question 6: charactonym: a name of a fictional character reflected in his personality traits, such as Shakespeare's ________ or Bottom (compare with "aptronym")
Browning Hi-PowerSemi-automatic pistolHandgunFirearm

Question 7: Other, late 20th century examples, such as hypernym and characternym, are typically incorrectly formed ________ for which there are more traditional words formed in -onym (hyperonym and charactonym).
EuphemismAcronym and initialismNonce wordNeologism

Question 8: ________: something created anonymously, or its creator; an unknown author; this term now generally replaced by pseudonym
Anonymous P2PAnonymityCrypto-anarchismPseudonymity

Question 9: In the examples ananym and metanym, the correct forms (________ and metonym) were pre-occupied by other meanings.
Crypto-anarchismAnonymityPseudonymityAnonymous P2P

Question 10: ________: a name, derived from a place name, for residents of that place (e.g., Utahn, from Utah, or Sioux Cityan, from Sioux City)—coined by George H.
CanadaCyprusUnited StatesDemonym


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