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Śruti: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (hymns recited by the hotar)
MahabharataVedasPurusha suktaRigveda

Question 2: [3] The initial literature is traditionally believed to be a direct revelation of the “cosmic sound of truth” heard by ancient ________ who then translated what was heard into something understandable by humans.

Question 3: [1] These sacred works span the entire history of Hinduism, beginning with some of the earliest known Hindu texts and ending in the early modern period with the later ________.
Bhagavad GitaUpanishadsRigvedaVedas

Question 4: Śruti (Sanskrit: श्रुति, ________: śrúti, lit.
PaliDevanagariDevanagari transliterationInternational Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration

Question 5: ________ (a collection of ancient spells and charms)
Kalpa (Vedanga)RigvedaVedasAtharvaveda

Question 6: Pre-eminent in śruti literature are the four ________:
Sanskrit literatureIndian epic poetryRigvedaVedas

Question 7: The literature of the ________, or schools, further amplified the material associated with each of the four core traditions.

Question 8: For more information on the textual nature of Śruti see main article for ________
Sanskrit literatureVedasRigvedaIndian epic poetry

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