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Question 1: The importance of this insight is especially emphasised in ________ Buddhism, and receives a more 'positive' explication in the Tathagatagarbha sutras.
MahayanaVajrayanaMahayana sutrasBuddhist texts

Question 2: For more on the Buddha's use of the idea of emptiness in its original phenomenological context and its use in the modern ________, see Thanissaro Bhikkhu, "Emptiness": [4].
Dhammakaya MovementThai Forest TraditionWatDhammayuttika Nikaya

Question 3: Moreover, contrary to widely misconceived equation to the doctrine of ________, grasping the doctrine of sunyata is seen as a step to liberation.

Question 4: Śūnyatā, शून्यता (________ noun from the adj.

Question 5: [28] For him shunyata is explicitly used as a ________ between absolutism and nihilism, and that is where its soteriological power lies.
Householder (Buddhism)Middle waySkandhaBuddhism

Question 6: According the ________, or Middle Way philosophy which is central to Mahayana Buddhism, ordinary beings misperceive all objects of perception in a fundamental way.
VajrayanaTibetan BuddhismMadhyamakaYogacara

Question 7: [15] This approach to Buddhism by Shiro and Noriaki (known as Critical Buddhism) rejects what it calls dhatu-vada (substantialist ________ doctrines).
Mahayana Mahaparinirvana SutraZenTathagatagarbha doctrineBuddha-nature

Question 8: "Hear, O ________, all phenomena of existence are marked by emptiness: not arisen, not destroyed, not unclean, not clean not deficient nor fulfilled."
Buddhism and HinduismBuddhismSariputtaBuddhist cosmology

Question 9: Sebastian writes that the author of the ________, a tathagatagarbha text, claims that the Emptiness teachings of the prajnaparamita scriptures are true yet incomplete, and that Sunyata needs the elucidation of tathagatagarbha doctrine, which is claimed by the author of the Uttaratantra to be a superior teaching:
Buddha-natureVajrayanaRatnagotravibhāga (text)Mindstream

Question 10: The Suñña Sutta,[5] part of the Pali Canon, relates that the monk Ananda, the attendant to ________ asked, "It is said that the world is empty, the world is empty, lord.
BuddhismAshoka the GreatBuddhism and HinduismGautama Buddha


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