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Ōita Prefecture: Quiz


Question 1: The inland areas consist of basin valleys in Hita, Kusu, Yufuin and Taketa, which were formed by lava buildup in combination with river ________.
River deltaErosionMouth barDune

Question 2: Ltd.(旭メディカル), NEC Corporation, ________, Sumitomo Chemical Co.
SonyPanasonic CorporationSharp CorporationHitachi Ltd.

Question 3: ), roses, ________, pears (Hita City, Shonai Town in Yufu City and Kokonoe Town in Kusu are all production regions for Japanese pears.

Question 4: He was influential in Japan's education system by promoting independence and self-reliance of the Japanese people at his classes as ________, known as present day Keio University, originally a school for Western studies.
Osaka UniversityStanford UniversityWaseda UniversityKeio University

Question 5: The northern part of the prefecture features ________ and metamorphic rocks, while the southern area features limestone, which is the foundation for the Tsukumi cement industry, and several limestone caves.
FelsicGraniteIgneous rockBasalt

Question 6: Ōita Prefecture (大分県 Ōita-ken ?) is a prefecture of Japan located on Kyūshū ________.
Coral reefIsthmusVolcanic arcIsland

Question 7: Surrounded by the Suo Channel and Honshū Island to the north, the Iyo Channel and Shikoku Island to the east, it is bordered by Miyazaki Prefecture to the south, and ________ and Kumamoto Prefecture to the west.
Wakayama PrefectureJapanFukuoka PrefectureSaga Prefecture

Question 8: The following companies operate factories in Oita: Toshiba Corporation, Nippon Steel Corporation, ________, Texas Instruments Inc., Sony, Daihatsu Motor Co.
NikonFujifilmFujitsuCanon (company)

Question 9: Sorin, the 21st leader of the Otomo clan, embraced Western culture enthusiastically and invited the missionary Francis Xavier to the city to promote ________.
ChristianityBaptistChristian denominationEcumenism

Question 10: ________ are said to be beneficial in the prevention of high blood pressure and arterial sclerosis.
FungusMedicinal mushroomsShiitakeNeolentinus lepideus


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