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Öland: Quiz


Question 1: The traditional ________ serve no administrative or political purposes, but are historical and cultural entities.
Provinces of SwedenLapland (Sweden)HallandJämtland

Question 2: The first known scientific study of the biota of the Stora Alvaret occurred in the year 1741 with the visit of ________.
Charles DarwinCarl LinnaeusBiologyBotany

Question 3: There are nineteen ________ ringforts identified on the island, only one of which, Eketorp, has been completely excavated, yielding over 24,000 artifacts.
Ancient Near EastIron AgeLa Tène cultureIron Age China

Question 4: The underlying bedrock layer is mainly ________ sandstone and alum chert, and Ordovician limestone that dates in the range from circa 540 to 450 million years ago.
DevonianGeologic time scaleCambrian explosionCambrian

Question 5: Burial grounds from the Iron Age through the ________ are clearly visible at Gettlinge, Hulterstad and other places on the perimeter ridge including stone ships.
Pomerania during the Early Middle AgesViking expansionViking AgeVarangians

Question 6: Archaeological evidence indicates the island of Öland was settled about 8000 BC, with excavations dating to the ________ era showing the presence of hunter-gatherers.
Stone AgeMiddle PaleolithicPaleolithic religionPaleolithic

Question 7: info) is the second largest Swedish island and the smallest of the traditional ________.
Provinces of SwedenLapland (Sweden)HallandJämtland

Question 8: In Swedish history, the island long served as a royal game park; particularly Ottenby and Halltorps were selected by the Swedish Crown in the ________ as royal game reseserves.
Late Middle AgesMiddle AgesHigh Middle AgesEarly Middle Ages

Question 9: Öland has an area of 1,342 km² and is located in the ________ just off the coast of Småland.
Baltic SeaArctic OceanBlack SeaNorth Sea

Question 10: has been entered as a site of the ________ World Heritage program.
United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesSpecial Court for Sierra LeoneUNICEFUNESCO

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