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Óscar Romero: Quiz


Question 1: In 2004, he was found liable by a US District Court under the ________ (ATCA) (28 U.S.C.
Human rightsPublic international lawDoe v. UnocalAlien Tort Statute

Question 2: It is believed that the assassins were members of a ________.
Extrajudicial killingAfghanistanManhunt (military)Death squad

Question 3:
What is scar Romero also known as?
Monseu00F1or Romero
Reeves, Scott
Chiarugi, Luciano
Albrecht, Hardie Hunter

Question 4: General
Church persecutions 1939-1958
Vatican and Eastern Europe
Vatican USSR policies
Eastern Catholic persecutions
Terrible Triangle
Conspiracy of Silence
History of the Catholic ChurchHistory of the Orthodox ChurchHistory of ChristianityPersecution of Christians

Question 5:

Question 6:
When is scar Romero's birthday?

Question 7: In many ways Romero was closely associated with ________ and openly condemned both Marxism and Capitalism.
Catholic Worker MovementDorothy DayLiberation theologyPhillip Berryman

Question 8:
When did scar Romero die?

Question 9: The documents were formally accepted by Pope John Paul II and the ________ in 1997, and Romero was given the title of "Servant of God".
Roman CuriaPapal conclaveCongregation for the Causes of SaintsPope Benedict XVI

Question 10: He is one of the ten 20th century martyrs who are depicted in statues above the Great West Door of Westminster Abbey in ________.

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