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Ë: Quiz


Question 1: In Luxembourgish, <ë> is used for stressed ________ /ə/ like in the word <ëmmer> (always).
Vowel lengthSchwaInternational Phonetic AlphabetVowel

Question 2: This so-called trema is used to indicate that the vowel should not be ________.
Romanian phonologyDiphthongPortuguese phonologyInternational Phonetic Alphabet

Question 3: The letter also appears in Turoyo and ________ when written in Latin script.
Taiwanese HokkienTeochew dialectChinese languageAmoy dialect

Question 4: history palaeography derivations diacritics punctuation numerals Unicode list of letters ________
ISO/IEC 8859-16ISO/IEC 8859ANSI escape codeISO/IEC 646

Question 5: In the modern orthography of ________, the letter ë represents /ə/, like in Albanian.
Altaic languagesMayan languagesBurushaskiUto-Aztecan languages

Question 6: In Latin-script Turoyo (Syriac) the letter ë gives a ________.
International Phonetic AlphabetVowel lengthSchwaVowel

Question 7: In ________, the trema (Afrikaans: deelteken) is mostly used to indicate that the vowel should not be diphthonged, for example "geër" (giver) is pronounced /xɪəɪr/, whilst "geer" (a wedge-shaped piece of fabric) is pronounced /xɪər/.
AfrikaansZulu languageDutch languageEnglish language

Question 8: Ë is the 8th letter of the ________ and represents /ə/.
Albanian alphabetLatin alphabetJLatin-derived alphabet

Question 9: This letter also appears in ________, Dutch, French, Abruzzese dialect, and Luxembourgish language as a variant of letter "e".
Tswana languageAfrikaansZulu languageEnglish language

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