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'Ndrangheta: Quiz


Question 1:
When was 'Ndrangheta founded?
c. 1860

Question 2: 'Ndrangheta invests illegal profits in legal real estate and ________ activities.
FinanceDebtFinancial marketBond (finance)

Question 3: ________: In November 2006, a cocaine trafficking network was dismantled that operated in Argentina, Spain and Italy.
BrazilArgentinaBuenos AiresChile

Question 4: In 1999, the state Office of Criminal Investigation in ________ investigated an Italian from San Luca who had allegedly laundered millions through a local bank, the Sparkasse Ulm.
HeilbronnFreiburg im BreisgauStuttgartPforzheim

Question 5: A 1897 sentence from the court in Palmi mentioned a written code of rules found in the village of Seminara based on ________, secrecy, violence, solidarity (often based on blood relationships) and mutual assistance.

Question 6: These connections were often established through the ________, which the santisti - breaking another rule of the traditional code - were allowed to join.
FreemasonryAnti-MasonryCo-FreemasonrySocietas Rosicruciana

Question 7: Canada: In Canada, the 'Ndrangheta is believed to be involved in the smuggling of unlicensed ________ products through ties with criminal elements in cross-border Native American tribes.
Tobacco productsNicotianaTobaccoTobacco smoking

Question 8: The activities extended to the Netherlands where large quantities of heroin and cocaine had been purchased by the Pesce-Bellocco clan from ________ and the Strangio clan from San Luca.
RosarnoGioia TauroReggio CalabriaOppido Mamertina

Question 9: A connection is possible, though, if only through contact to the ________ whose possible origins in the Garduna carry more substance.
Organized crimeNaplesCamorraRussian Mafia

Question 10: The Giorgi, Nirta and Strangio clans from San Luca have a base in the Netherlands and ________ (Belgium).

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